Connecting In This Time Of Quarantine


My name is Nancy, the Co-Founder of Alyn Vaughn, where style and purpose intersect to address the national absence of skill acquisition and apprenticeships among students in the United States. Since the inception of AV we’ve made an effort to share our mission at our kiosk in Nashville, TN, and with people attending events we work across 13 states annually. I was so excited to hop back out on the road the first of April and now nine confirmed shows next month are postponed, dramatically impacting our company financially, our community outreach, and now halting the launch of our first high school partnership where AV would be integrated into the curriculum as a tool to teach entrepreneurship and life skills.

Social Media and blogging are not my jam, but it is the only way right now to remain connected during these increasingly turbulent times.  I hope that we can make this experience as candid and honest as our interactions in person. We’ve been privileged to hear so many stories of heartache, discouragement, and tuition debt, which drives our passion to innovate how we educate our youth.  It’s been an honor to receive 100% support for our mission from students, college graduates, parents, educators, and employers. The conversations have brought us to tears, which acknowledges our shared conviction for change. For now, I will miss the hugs!!!

About me:
Owned my first company and worked my first pop up at age 6 - custom-designed bean bags for hopscotch sold at recess.  My stepfather taught me about profit margins. :)
No college degree - I didn’t think I was smart enough (who can relate?)
30 years of entertainment business management experience
Creator and Co-Author, Urban Country Style
Furniture Designer - sold as far as Dubai, and I don’t even know where that is exactly
Mom of a 19-year-old son and two black Labs
Humanitarian at heart, especially championing for youth

I’ve always been an Apprentice. The process of learning by doing engages me.  Looking back, I now see how the skills I’ve acquired throughout my journey afforded me the knowledge and expertise to launch Alyn Vaughn.  Imagine if the youth of America were given the same opportunity through diversified learning that encompasses theory and practical application with the bonus of being paid through an Apprenticeship.

Thank you for joining our movement!

Let’s do this!