Student Apprentices: Alannah

Alannah is a sophomore at Belmont University where she is studying music business with a minor in nutrition.  A passion for songwriting, Alannah hopes to go into music publishing.


Career Goal: Successful song plugger.  

Alyn Vaughn Apprenticeship Focus: Sales


Alannah ‘rang the bell’ by being one of the first students on our team to hit the highest sales in one day at our 12th South Kiosk.  Our little pop-up shop open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for just a few hours are where students have a chance to refine how they engage with people, share our mission, and learn how to apply this experience to real life.  Sales is the #1 skill we teach our students. It’s been a confidence builder for all of them and something they can draw upon in the future.


A key component to Alannah’s goal of being a successful song plugger will be sales.  With so many talented artists and writers in Nashville, her written and oral communication skills need to be on point to open doors in such a competitive industry. Having so much practice at building her confidence and honing in on what she needs to say using her experience in sales recently landed Alannah a coveted internship at BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.).  

Fun fact:  If you have the pleasure of meeting Alannah, please ask her to give you her sales pitch.  She has by far garnered the most compliments for her spot on delivery, even from her dentist.


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