Student Apprentices: Ana

Ana is a freshman at Vol State Community College.  Her parents are entrepreneurs in industries that dovetail with her desire of becoming a developer, which speaks to her passion for interior design and real estate.  While seeking a two-four year degree, her goal is to gain as much practical business experience then launch an all-encompassing enterprise with her family.

Career Goal:  Become a developer of homes; interior stylist

Alyn Vaughn Apprenticeship Focus: Sales, Marketing, Product Assortment

Along with Alannah, Ana “rang the bell” as being one of two students to hit the highest sales in one day at our 12th South Kiosk.  The girls we covering alone while I was working an event across town. They couldn’t believe it. “We are the first two students to accomplish this milestone!!”  A very proud moment, I must say...

We teach sales to the students as a collaborative effort so they learn to work as an effective team.  We are not just selling jewelry; we are engaging with people about the importance of broadening the narrative around higher education and advocating for student apprenticeships.  A sale is often through an introduction by one and another sharing their AV experience and how it’s impacting their life. One is usually helping pick out a piece for a customer and the other often handling the demo of the various ways a wrap can be worn.  An important lesson in recognizing strengths within a team or areas that need improvement. Ana will be the first one to share how she has become more confident through this process and how it will impact the way she runs her teams within her own business. Construction can be tricky. Teamwork is essential to meeting timelines.

Ana has always been pretty reserved, so I wasn’t sure how she would respond to me asking her to not only handle a photoshoot on her own to market our wholesale expansion but also be the model.  I felt it was important for her to begin learning how to run a project from start to finish. She will be doing it a lot as a developer. (Listen to a client’s vision and expectations then execute flawlessly.) To my delight, she was all in.  

I was scheduled to be on the road while the shoot took place. “Ana, whatever you do, do not smile.  No model in Vogue smiles ever.” As a business owner, I’ve had to learn to depend on people so I can focus on other areas, especially when I need to be on the road.  Ana borrowed some clothes from me, I put her in direct contact with our photographer, and I left town. I had no choice but to let it go and trust Alex (Hair and Make-Up), John (the creative guy behind the camera) and Ana.  

Fun Fact:  She nailed it!!

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