Student Apprentices: Rowan

Rowan is a freshman at Middle Tennessee State University where she is studying business administration with a minor in finance and economics. She is attending college on a full ride through various awarded scholarships.  If you or anyone you know needs help navigating this process, Rowan would be delighted to help. She may be reached at  

Career Goal:  Human Resources or Hospitality

Alyn Vaughn Apprenticeship Focus:  Business Operations, Wholesale Business Development

Rowan is all about planning and organizing, along with her desire to learn the day to day of business accounting and business development, so she is a natural fit to work on our Business Operations and Wholesale Business Development Teams.  

Leading the charge for scheduling at our 12th South Kiosk, local events and events on the road may sound like an easy task.  Think again! When you are dealing with a large group of young people, school schedules, exam schedules, childcare, church, vacation time, personal time, who has a vehicle to fit event gear, etc, it requires advanced planning and keen organizational skills, in addition to having a low center of gravity as it’s easy to become frustrated.  By day three I received a call from Rowan, “Miss Nancy, I’ve almost cried three times this week. How on earth have you handled this, and for so long?!” My reply, “Rowan, you got this! It’s what you do. You just need to set boundaries and instill great, timely communication from everyone.” Rowan is now everyone’s go-to girl, and our 12th South Kiosk, local events and where and when I need to have all been executed with precision and no drama!

Rowan has also joined Abigail, Alyn Vaughn’s Director of Wholesale were she will be learning skills in the area of new business development.  

Fun Fact: Rowan and I met nearly four years ago through the AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) program at Hillsboro High School in Nashville, TN.  Coming full circle, Rowan recently led a meeting in this same class to identify and onboard more students at Alyn Vaughn. She was responsible for the job listing, setting the class meeting, leading the meeting and student interviews.  We are extremely proud of the leadership role Rowan has taken at Alyn Vaughn.

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