Our Apprentices

Our mission is to broaden the narrative around higher education. Simply put, a call to action to implement student apprenticeships across America. We are accomplishing this by using business partnerships that begin in high school, in addition to supporting vocational school as an equally esteemed alternative to a four-year degree. Apprenticeships can provide skills in a variety of areas, such as tech, business operations, sales, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, or the trades. Apprenticeships can also lead directly to full-time employment upon high school graduation. For high school students less inclined to attend college or vocational school, an apprenticeship could be the difference between poverty and realized potential.

Advocating for Student Apprenticeships


Alannah is a sophomore at Belmont University where she is studying music business with a minor in nutrition. With a passion for songwriting, she hopes to go into music publishing.

Career Goal: Successful song plugger.  
Alyn Vaughn Apprenticeship Focus: Sales

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Nesha joined Alyn Vaughn through our partnership with Youth Villages, a non-profit supporting youth aging out of foster care. Upon finishing high school, Nesha aspires to continue her education in the area of nursing.

Career Goal: LPN or CNA
Alyn Vaughn Apprentice Focus: Product, Life Skills

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Life Scholarships

We help our student apprentices when they need a little extra assistance to overcome life's challenges.

We awarded Rowan $1,000 toward a newer and more reliable vehicle. This award brought the monthly payments down to a more manageable amount. Rowan has been on her own pretty much her entire life. We are honored to be there to support her when life needs occur.

We awarded Alannah $1,000 towards spring Semester at Belmont. This award reduced the amount of tuition paid by Alannah’s parents and grandparents.

We awarded Yasmine $425 towards Driver’s Education. After acquiring her GED, the next life step for Yasmine was to secure her driver’s license. As a teen mom with limited resources, it was an honor to express how proud we are of her accomplishments this year through lightening her financial load.We awarded Ana $500 towards her DACA renewal and $3,000 towards tuition. These two awards provided much needed financial relief to Ana and her family. Because Ana is not a U.S. citizen, she is required to pay out of state tuition in excess of $17,000 per year for community college. These two awards significantly help her parents who are working very hard to provide her with an education.